About this site


On this site you will find information about me, my blog- which is about mental health and in particular aimed at fighting stigma- my publications including my recent memoir ‘The Other Side of Silence- A Psychiatrist’s Memoir of Depression‘, and my continuing work .


June 2019 added: recording of my talk at Medicine 2019 on the patient experience- my own!

August 2018 added: Podcast of interview for My Own Worst Enemy  with Danny Whittaker ‘Who knew shrinks were human too?’

June 2018 added: interview for BBC radio Orkney from earlier this year

January 2018 Addedan interview with the Mental Elf about both working in mental health care and experiencing mental health problems.

My memoir ‘The Other Side of Silence‘ is now published in the USA and Canada and can be found on Amazon (click links above to go straight to page)

watch the lecture I recently gave in Oxford about my experiences of depression 



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