The Other Side of Silence

Subtitled ‘A psychiatrist’s memoir of depression’ I wrote this book over several years before retiring from seeing patients. It was finally published in 2015 by Summersdale, and tells the story of how the problems I faced while working in psychiatry were so similar to those that my patients were experiencing. It tells the story of how I gradually began to make sense of my life with the aid of treatment which included both psychotherapy and medication. Writing it helped me too.

It was serialised in the Times and I was interviewed about it on the radio. See links here:


‘it completely captivated me. I couldn’t put it down. What a compelling life story'(Canadian Medical Association Journal Blog)

 ‘This is an exceptional book and should be read by many, both doctors and patients.'(BJPsych Bulletin, British Journal of Psychiatry)

‘What is exceptional in this volume is the absolute sanity of its project. It is one of the least mad books on madness imaginable, and it most essentially promotes hopefulness in spite of its tales of real despair and disorientation.’(BMJ Medical Humanities Journal Blog)

‘The Other Side of Silence is a must read for those experiencing or interested in depression, and all who are training and working in psychiatry'(Fenella Lemonsky The Lancet Psychiatry)

‘a remarkable memoir.’(The Morning Star)

‘I highly recommend The Other Side of Silence if you want a real account and contemporary understanding of depression, particularly with the supporting knowledge of a medical perspective.’(Rosie Claverton Blog)

‘I really feel books like ‘The Other Side of Silence’ help demystify mental health…  I always recommend such books to new staff as a “way in” to understanding mental health and mental illness. We now have another book on the shelf to help us open up conversations about “madness”.’(Vanessa Pinfold, Research Director at the McPin Foundation)

‘A brave piece of writing’(Purple Persuasion Blog)

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