Social Enterprise

I continue to work with two social enterprises based in Greater Manchester that I helped to establish.

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I am a director of STORM.

STORM® began as a research project at the University of Manchester in the mid-1990s in response to the need for skills-based self-harm risk assessment and management training. In 2003 ‘The STORM® Project’, a research group and not for profit venture within the University, was created to disseminate the training to service providers. In 2012, STORM® Skills Training CIC, a not for profit social enterprise, was created to build on this work. As a community interest company, limited by guarantee, all profits will fund our social impact work and the research undertaken by The STORM® Project at the University of Manchester.

Click here to to the STORM homepage

Six Degrees Social Enterprise


I am a non-executive director of, and originally worked as a consultant psychiatrist with, Six Degrees which provides the primary care mental health and step 2 IAPT service to Salford in Greater Manchester.

Click here to go to Six Degrees

2 thoughts on “Social Enterprise

  1. Mark Hick says:

    Just read the very moving, and at times painful, extract from your latest book in The Times today. As well as being moved I am impressed by your courage and honesty to have written about yourself in this way.

    • lindagask says:

      Thank you! That version is extracted and doesn’t read as well as the original, so pleased to hear you still felt this! Not easy. I have stopped practising now.

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