Research, training and consultancy


I continue to be involved in research but now in a more limited capacity than in the past.

Currently I’m involved in the PARTNERS 2 project which is a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) project based at the University of Birmingham which is developing and evaluating a collaborative care model for people with severe mental illness. You can visit the website here



I have 30 years of experience in training front line mental health workers and family doctors in mental health skills.

My particular interests are in the skills required to talk with people who are emotionally distressed, brief psychological interventions for primary and specialist care and helping people who are at risk of self-harm (I do training with STORM- see page on Social Enterprise). I still teach both nationally and internationally.



I am sometimes available on a short-term basis for consultancy work. My particular area of interest and expertise is in improving links between primary care and mental health services and designing and evaluating innovative services to meet the needs of people with common mental health problems in the community. I have carried out service reviews and facilitation work in this field, helping to redesign services.

Please get in touch with me via the CONTACT page if you would like to discuss commissioning my input into a research project, provide training, or carry out any other short-term consultancy work.






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