List of publications

Non-fiction (memoir)

Gask L (2021 forthcoming) Finding True North. Inverness: Sandstone Press.

Gask L (2015) The Other Side of Silence Chichester: Vie.

Articles in the press

A moment that changed me: My psychiatrist told me I could be one too The Guardian

Forget lockdown goals: trying to learn a language or get fit in a crisis won’t make you happier The Guardian

The remainder of this page lists selected academic publications

Academic Books

  1. Daines B Gask L & Howe QA (2007) Medical and Psychiatric Issues for Counsellors London: Sage.2nd edition.
  2. Gask L (2004) A Short Introduction to Psychiatry.  London : Sage. 
  3. Goldberg D Gask L and Morriss R (2008) Psychiatry in Medical Practice 3rd editionLondon: Routledge
  4. Gask L Kendrick A Peveler R  & Chew-Graham C (2018) Primary Care Mental Health London: RCPsych/Cambridge University Press.Winner of best Primary Care book at BMA book awards 2019. 2nd edition 
  5. Gask L Coskun B Baron D (2011) Teaching Psychiatry. Wiley.

Selected journal papers grouped by topic

I have over 170 peer-reviewed papers published in academic journals. 

Collaborative and integrated care for people with mental health problems

  • Lester H Gask L (2006) Delivering medical care for patients with serious mental illness or promoting a collaborative model of recovery? British Journal of Psychiatry. 188:401-2.
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  • Kates N, Arroll B, Currie E, Hanlon C, Gask L, Klasen H, Meadows G, Rukundo G, Sunderji N, Ruud T, Williams M. (2018) Improving collaboration between primary care and mental health services. World J Biol Psychiatry. 20:1-18.
  • Camacho EM, Davies LM, Hann M, Small N, Bower P, Chew-Graham C, Baguely C, Gask L, Dickens CM, Lovell K, Waheed W, Gibbons CJ, Coventry P.  (2018) Long-term clinical and cost-effectiveness of collaborative care (versus usual care) for people with mental-physical multimorbidity: cluster-randomised trial. Br JPsychiatry.213:456-463

Doctor-patient communication

  • Gask L, Goldberg D, Lesser A L and Millar T (1988) Improving the psychiatric skills of the general practice trainee; an evaluation of a group training course (1988) Medical Education  22, 132-138.
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  • Kennedy A, Gask L, Rogers A. (2005) Training professionals to engage with and promote self-managementHealth Education Research 20:567-78

Primary-specialist interface

  • Gask L (1986) What happens when psychiatric outpatients are seen once only?  British Journal of Psychiatry 148, 663-666.
  • Gask L Sibbald B and Creed F (1997) Evaluating models of working at the interface between mental health services and primary care. British Journal of Psychiatry 170 6-11
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Managing common mental health problems in primary care

  • Dowrick C Gask L Perry R Dixon C Usherwood T (2000) Do general practitioners’ attitudes towards depression predict their clinical behaviour? Psychological Medicine 30,413-419.
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  • McEvoy P, Williamson T, Kada R, Frazer D, Dhliwayo C, Gask L. (2017) Improving access to mental health care in an Orthodox Jewish community: a critical reflection upon the accommodation of otherness. BMC Health Serv Res. 14;17(1):557.

Suicide and self-harm

  • Morriss R Gask L Battersby L (1999) Teaching front line health and voluntary workers to assess and manage suicidal patients Journal of Affective Disorders 52: 77-83
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  • Gask L, Coupe N, Green G (2019) An evaluation of the implementation of cascade training for suicide prevention during the ‘Choose Life’ initiative in Scotland – utilizing Normalization Process Theory. BMC Health Serv Res ;19(1):588


  • May C Gask L Atkinson T Ellis N Mair F Esmail A (2001) Resisting and promoting new technologies in clinical practice: the case of telepsychiatry. Social Science and Medicine. 52 1889-901. Awarded the Diana Forsythe Memorial Award by the American Medical Informatics Association.
  • Bee PE, Bower P, Lovell K, Gilbody S, Richards D, Gask L, Roach P (2008) Psychotherapy mediated by remote communication technologies: a meta-analytic review BMC Psychiatry.  22;8:60
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